Event Management

Application Form

Create continutity between all participant applicants and eliminate unnecessary manual touches and sorting of information

Create customizable templates for each participant while providing a safe space for document management. Integrated internal and external communication tools provide opportunity for constant contact with each particpant.

Screening of Applicants

Initial rating system provides client the opportunity to review and sort viable deals

Select, screen, and rate applicants through customizable criteria while providing an open feedback loop to applicants and assessors. Segmenting applicants (go/pending/no-go) provides the expedited narrowing of viable candidates.

Event Marketplace

Secure, searchable, and branded space to showcase your event curated deals.

Direct invited parties to view selected deals through a custom landing page for pre-event research. Invite participants to identify deals and begin fact finding to advance the conversation during an event. Searchable investment criteria provides investors the opportuinty to find specific deal types based on their own investment criteria. Custom landing page and URL provides branding visibility. Maretplace tracking and analysis give you insight as to which deals are recieving the most traction.



Connect interested parties looking to forge a relationship at an event

Attendees can quickly and easily register for matchmaking sessions. Those participating in the session can send requests to other attendees to set a meeting for specific time. The reciepent has the opportunity to accept or reject the invite if they are interested in the product offering.

Improved Attendee Experience

Enhance pre & post event touches with your participants while providing stronger connections between Investors, Partners, and Entrepreneurs.

Using the event workflow management system allows you to connect and engage with your clients throughout the lifecycle of the event. Get in front of your clients early and provide them with valuable insight into other attendees and deal owners.

Post Conference Analytics / Action

More actionable data from participant analytics
Gain insight into who has connected at your event and which industries they are most interested in. Target clients with confidence, knowing you've connected them with their most relavent industry.