Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Better Manage Your Acquisition Pipeline

Effortlessly manage your acquisition pipeline from opportunity identification to closing table and beyond.

If your firm is regularly engaged in acquiring companies, then managing your acquisition pipeline can be a challenge. Trying to manage a deal team that is spread across multiple deals that are each in different stages of due diligence can be time consuming and inefficient. These problems are magnified when the acquisition target is located out-of-state or worse; part of of a cross border transaction. Accelerate the pace of your acquisitions with StageXchange’s Portfolio Manager. Eliminate unnecessary work with Integrated due diligence checklists, embedded communication tools, and integration status reports.

Streamline Deal Due Diligence

Speed the pace of Due Diligence while reducing risk.

Proper due diligence is the cornerstone to any M&A strategy. However, speeding the pace of due diligence without taking on additional risk has been an elusive in our industry. Today, it is not uncommon for hundreds of pages deal documents to be jammed into a virtual data room or Dropbox. With a lack of naming conventions, simply organizing key documents so they can be properly evaluated can be a painful and time consuming process. Today, getting overwhelmed with voluminous amounts of deal related documentation is commonplace. With StageXchange Digital Deal Books, key documents can be neatly organized together with input from your deal team and 3rd-party vendors. Deal Books provide senior management a standardized comprehensive view of each opportunity along with associated risks without overwhelming the reader. Customized templates reduce risk and speed the due diligence process. Integrated analytical tools allow for stress testing key assumptions or the testing alternative deal tems.

Optimize Acquisition Integration

Maximize the value of every acquisition and limit the risk of poor integration

With each acquisition, there is an inherent risk of value destruction caused by service disruption or poor integration. Acquiring firms often struggle to quickly onboard new clients and employees especially in the private sector when the transaction is often kept confidential until the final hours. This lack of notice, within the internal departments of the acquiring firm, is often the source of preventable problems. Once a deal closes, certain critical confidential information ranging from salary info to social security numbers must be shared by the deal team with numerous employees across the organization. Digital Deal Books with Integration Checklists ensure employees are only getting the information they should have access to. Senior management can access Integration Status reports at anytime via the Portfolio Manager .

Living Financials

Keep your finger on the pulse of a deal as it moves through the pipeline

Analyzing private company non-GAAP financials can be difficult and time consuming. As those financials become stale, risk increases dramatically for the acquirer. With our API, key financial data can be imported directly into a Digital Deal Book providing real-time access to your deal team. Alternatively, Quickbook, Excel or CSV files can be embedded directly.