Economic Development Office

Economic Development 

Foreign Direct Investment can make an incredible difference in the life and health of smaller cities and rural regions. Unfortunately, most of the FDI ends up going to the larger metro areas because they are better able to convey their benefits and provide the research needed to “de-risk” opportunities. StageXchange was designed, in part, to address those specific challenges facing smaller economic development offices when trying to attract jobs and foreign investment. Having worked on both sides of the investment equation, we know exactly how to help.

You see, StageXchange was created by a small group of people with big ideas. We wanted to bring together innovators, investors, and economic development facilitators together under one banner so that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. Our platform will help you to address challenges and put you together with investors who are ready to work!

Attract Foreign Investors

Foreign investors are no different than anyone else when it comes to wanting to make the best investment possible. They want to feel confident that they are investing in a project that has little risk involved and potential for great gain. This can only happen when there is enough verified information available at their fingertips. Just like you, they don’t want to waste time hunting in various locations for information. Foreign investors want to quickly find, then de-risk the available opportunities using information, transparent assumptions and 3rd-party validation. StageXchange is able to provide exactly what they need to make a decision using a single platform that provides all of the information necessary for visualizing and developing opportunities.

Single System of Record 

Thanks to our StageXchange platform, smaller regions can now compete for the attention of foreign investors. Our simple to use search tool aggregates relevant information and puts those incentives, workforce demographics, and industry data into their immediate view. This enables economic development offices to showcase local opportunities and attract the type of investment that can make a difference in any community.

StageXchange serves as a single system-of-record, thus eliminating redundant manual tasks investors, site selectors whilst also addressing those visibility issues that economic development offices face. From real estate developments to biotech firms; from public-private partnerships to seed stage companies, foreign investors will have all the information they need to make decisions!

Whether you’re seeking to attract jobs or capital, StageXchange can help. Let us help you amplify your efforts and bring FDI to your region!

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