The Deal Ecosystem Explained

Why is it called The Deal Ecosystem

The Deal Book is the central document of a complex interconnected system of the Deal Ecosystem. The Deal Book is so important in all phases of the Deal’s Lifecycle because it is the main document in circulation between all parties since it holds all of the information on what individuals are soliciting or seeking for investment to occur.    

*Deal Book: Is the most general term available, as each business depending on industry segment and vertical has a unique name for this document. Other names for a Deal Book could be Project, Development, or Business Plan.

How does the Deal Ecosystem work

The Deal Ecosystem connects the Partners and Investors to the Deal Owner and their Advisors, with the successful result of both parties closing a Deal. Due to the complexity of success, and oversaturation of the Deal market, StageXchange can help the Deal’s parties efficiently determine the steak from the spam.

What is StageXchange doing to streamline the Deal Ecosystem with technology

StageXchange currently has four main applications on our software platform.

1. Deal Book Application is where the Deal is created and is the central document in the Deal Ecosystem
Predominately Used by: Deal Owner and their Advisors 
Also Used by:

2. Marketplace Application is where the Deal is marketed to a select audience and brings awareness to the Deal in the Deal Ecosystem

Predominately Used by: Deal Owners and Partners 
Also Used by:
Advisors and Investors


3. Investor Matchmaking Application is where the Deal is selected by the Investor’s partner or even the Investor themselves and allows them to more closely consider making an investment in the Deal

Predominately Used by: Deal Owners, Partners and Investors 
Also Used by:


4. Portfolio Application is where the Deal’s potential viability is reviewed by the Investor’s partner or perhaps even the Investor themselves and helps them quickly and carefully decide whether the Deal should be invested in or not.

Predominately Used by: Investors and Partners 
Also Used by:
Deal Owners and Advisors

What happens after the Deal is done

StageXchange can become an Investor Relations tool, the Deal Owners can automatically pull in results from the software they use to sell, operate, and account their business.

Now that Investors will have access to real time information a relationship routed in transparency and trust will emerge between a Deal Owner and their Investors.

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