Thoughts about SXSW

We recently partnered with SXSW and SSM to help entrepreneurs showcase their businesses and match VC's to the right opportunity. Being at an exciting event like SXSW will always rev you up to go out and make a difference, but getting to partner with such prestigious organizations can also be humbling. We believe we have the best deal. We've invested so much of our lives and passion into making a tool that has everything someone would need to pitch or say "yes" to a deal, but to be acknowledged through partnerships like the one with SXSW really makes us feel like we accomplished what we set out to do.

This week we got to watch entrepreneurs with passion and amazing ideas share those ideas with the world and that is completely inspiring. Anyone who dares to turn vision into reality has my highest regard.  You are swimming upstream and when you can do that with grace, humor, and excitement like those participants at SXSW and SSM then "hats off" to you.

Our next big event will be this year's Endeavor Mexico where our platform will be used to help match opportunities and VCs and as usual, we cannot wait to see what comes from it.

This weeks post was short due to a cold, but we'll come back next week with our ideas about social capital.


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